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You have probably heard the expression, “Don’t make a federal case of it” used in reference to a strong reaction to a situation. Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to why this expression even exists. The fact is that in many ways federal cases are more serious and complex in nature than other offenses prosecuted in the state courts. If you have been arrested for a federal offense, or if you have been approached and questioned by federal law enforcement officials, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney right away to protect your rights. In Mobile or Baldwin County, call the Law Office of Ginger Poynter for immediate assistance.

Types of Federal Cases

The Law Office of Ginger Poynter handles a variety of federal cases, applying experience and knowledge to help clients through the federal legal process and providing options aimed at less severe penalties should a conviction occur. Let our firm defend you in the following federal cases:

  • Drug charges – possession, manufacturing, trafficking
  • White collar crime – mail fraud, mortgage fraud and bank fraud; embezzlement
  • Money laundering and conspiracy charges
  • Firearms/weapons violations – unlawful carrying of a weapon (UCW), unlawful possession, unlawful sale

Defining the Differences between State and Federal Offenses

In most cases, federal crimes are more serious in nature and carry stronger penalties than similar state offenses, such as going to federal prison instead of the county jail if convicted. Sentencing is governed by federal sentencing guidelines which apply a range of stiff sentences and leave little room for the judge to consider alternative sentencing. Also, convictions for federal crimes involve sentencing without a possibility of parole. In addition, a minor drug charge if handled in federal court can result in a prison sentence, where there may be alternatives to incarceration for a similar charge in state court.

The Law Office of Ginger Poynter works with law enforcement early on. We encourage the cooperation of our clients through the process, acknowledging that acceptance of responsibility can help minimize the severity of federal sentencing. Our intervention in such cases has helped numerous clients avoid the harsh sentencing associated with federal crimes.

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