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Also known as crystal meth or methamphetamine, meth is seen as a serious problem in Alabama. The widespread availability of the ingredients needed for production and the relative ease of manufacturing caused this drug to proliferate in recent years, especially in rural areas. It is for these reasons that meth offenses are currently being more aggressively prosecuted than any other drug in Alabama.

At the law office of The Law Office of Ginger Poynter, we vigorously stand up for the rights of individuals facing meth charges. The public is well aware of the dangers of meth use and production, and great pressure is on law enforcement to curtail these offenses.

You do not have to face meth/methamphetamine/crystal meth charges alone. Contact the experienced drug crime attorney at our firm today to discuss your case.

If you are convicted on meth possession or other meth charges that stem from a drug bust, you may be incarcerated in prison, put on probation, and lose your driver’s license for six months. These punishments compound the affect that a meth conviction will have on your life. It will stay on your record and may be a factor in securing a residence or employment.

Chemical Endangerment

In response to what prosecutors perceive as a meth epidemic, the Alabama state legislature created a new offense in 2006 known as Chemical Endangerment. The statute reads as follows:

Chemical endangerment of exposing a child to an environment in which controlled substances are produced or distributed.

    • (a) A responsible person commits the crime of chemical endangerment of exposing a child to an environment in which he or she does any of the following:

      1. Knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally causes or permits a child to be exposed to, to ingest or inhale, or to have contact with a controlled substance, chemical substance, or drug paraphernalia as defined in Section 13A-12-260. A violation under this subdivision is a Class C. felony.
      2. Violates subdivision (1) and a child suffers serious physical injury by exposure to , ingestion of, inhalation of, or contact with a controlled substance, chemical substance, or drug paraphernalia. A violation under this subdivision is a Class B felony.
      3. Violates subdivision (1) and the exposure, ingestion, inhalation, or contact results in the death of a child. A violation under this subdivision is a Class A felony.
    • (b) The court shall impose punishment pursuant to this section rather than imposing punishment authorized under any other provision of law, unless another provision of law provides for a greater penalty or a longer term of imprisonment.
    • (c) It is an affirmative defense to a violation of this section that the controlled substance was provided by lawful prescription for the child, and that it was administered to the child in accordance with the prescription instructions provided with the controlled substance.

(Act 2006-204, p. 302, §2)

Because of the serious nature of conviction for meth possession or other meth charges, it is extremely important that you contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney that will see that your rights are protected.  Contact the knowledgeable drug crime lawyer at The Law Office of Ginger Poynter today to learn more about how we may be able to handle your meth/methamphetamine/crystal meth case.

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